ADAM Audio S2Vs
Avantone Mix Cubes
Headphones (Beyerdynamic, Audio-Technica, etc.)
Mackie HMX-56 Headphones Matrix


Apple Mac Pro
Avid Pro Tools HD Native
Universal Audio UAD Octo
Tons of Plugins and Virtual Instruments!


Antelope Orion 32 HD
API Lunchbox
Avalon 737 SP
Great River NP-500NV Mercenary Edition
Radial Reamp JCR
Rupert Neve Portico 511 2X
Shadow Hills Mono Gama
SSL XLogic VHD Pre
Switchcraft Patchbay
TK Audio BC-1THD
Universal Audio 4-710d
Warm Audio EQP-WA 2X
Warm Audio WA-2A
Warm Audio WA-76


SSL X-Desk


Avid Pro Tools Ultimate 2018
Apple Logic Pro X


Assorted Percussion Instruments
Bruno Conqueror Semi-Hollow Bass
Custom 2X12 Guitar Cab
Fender Fat Strat Electric Guitar
Fender Precision Bass
Epiphone Jack Cassidy Bass
G&L ASAT Classic
Gibson E339 Electric Guitar
Gibson ES-Les Paul
Ibanez SZ-520 Electric Guitar
Korg M1 Workstation
Ludwig 1967 Super Classic Drum Kit
Malone Custom PJ Bass
New Vintage Pacific Guitar Amp
Novation Impulse 61
Spector Euro Series Bass
Washburn Acoustic Guitar
Yamaha CP-20


AEA R84 2X
AKG 414 XLS Matched Pair
AKG D112
Audio-Technica 3035 2X
Audix D6
Audix i5 2X
Beyerdynamic M88
Bock Audio 195
ElectroVoice RE-320
Neumann KM-184 Matched Pair
Neumann U-87 AI
Pearlman TM-1
Royer 121
Sennheiser 421 II 2X
Sennheiser e604 3X
Sennheiser e845
Shure SM-7B
Shure SM-81
Shure SM-57 2X
Shure Beta 58A
Warm Audio WA-251
Warm WA-47jr

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