Studio 601 teams up with Jaimee Harris to showcase Warm Audio!

After meeting the Warm Audio team at Winter NAMM '18, we had the idea of capturing a performance ONLY using their gear to showcase what it can really do. The results were really something else, we are totally blown away. The mics, pres, and outboard they offer are incredible products, especially at the price they're offering. Here is a link to the multi-track so you can put it in your DAW and see for yourself! All audio was recorded at 24/88.2.




Jaimee Harris - "Catch It Now"

All Music and Lyrics written by Jaimee Harris



Jaimee Harris - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Eric Harrison - Bass

Michael Ingber - Drums


Recored at Studio 601 in Austin, TX

Engineered and Mixed by Eric Harrison and Michael Ingber


Video Production by Left Turn Only in Austin, TX

Alex Chod - Filming, Editing


Recording Chain - All audio captured and mixed using Warm Audio gear through an Antelope Orion 32 HD into Pro Tools.



Kick Drum  > WA-47jr  > WA-412 > EQP-WA > WA-76

Overheads > WA-14s > WA-412

Room > WA-47 > WA-412 > WA-2A



WA-412 > WA-2A



WA-47jr > WA-412 > EQP-WA > WA-76



WA-47 > WA-412 > EQP-WA > WA-76 > WA-2A