Studio 601 teams up with Jaimee Harris to showcase Warm Audio!

After meeting the Warm Audio team at Winter NAMM '18, we had the idea of capturing a performance ONLY using their gear to showcase what it can really do. The results were really something else, we are totally blown away. The mics, pres, and outboard they offer are incredible products, especially at the price they're offering. Here is a link to the multi-track so you can put it in your DAW and see for yourself! All audio was recorded at 24/88.2.




Jaimee Harris - "Catch It Now"

All Music and Lyrics written by Jaimee Harris



Jaimee Harris - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Eric Harrison - Bass

Michael Ingber - Drums


Recored at Studio 601 in Austin, TX

Engineered and Mixed by Eric Harrison and Michael Ingber


Video Production by Left Turn Only in Austin, TX

Alex Chod - Filming, Editing


Recording Chain - All audio captured and mixed using Warm Audio gear through an Antelope Orion 32 HD into Pro Tools.



Kick Drum  > WA-47jr  > WA-412 > EQP-WA > WA-76

Overheads > WA-14s > WA-412

Room > WA-47 > WA-412 > WA-2A



WA-412 > WA-2A



WA-47jr > WA-412 > EQP-WA > WA-76



WA-47 > WA-412 > EQP-WA > WA-76 > WA-2A

Studio 601 now featuring Antelope Audio!

Here at Studio 601, we always try to stay on the bleeding edge of recording tech. We've recently traded in our Avid converters for the Antelope Audio Orion 32 HD. We are so excited to have this piece of gear in the studio as the main brain where all audio is processed. The sound quality and the flexibility is truly amazing and we're very excited to have it. We're gear nerds, so if you ever have any questions about anything we have at the studio, feel free to email us!

Icy Simpson releases her version of "Latch" by Sam Smith to the YouTube-verse

Recently local recording artist Icy Simpson visited us at 601 and we were able to create something pretty much special together. She had a really cool idea for this Sam Smith song and wanted to get make a video, so we have partnered up with Primrose Path Productions. We're happy to announce that we have created a great partnership with Primrose Path and we are extending these services to our clients! Check out the video, share it, comment on it, like it, cause it's awesome.



Studio 601 now featuring ADAM Audio

We are so thrilled to have a new partnership with ADAM Audio! We recently received a new pair of S2Vs from their brand new state of the art flagship S line. These speakers are incredible and we feel incredible blessed to have the chance to work on them! We recently finished up a video shoot with ADAM that features the both of us talking about the studio, how we started, and of course the S2Vs. We'll keep you posted as these videos become available. Cheers!


Cowboy Diplomacy's "No Alibi" Feature on Culture Collide!

Cowboy Diplomacy is at it again! These guys are seriously one of the hardest working bands out of Austin. "No Alibi" was recorded, produced, and mixed at Studio 601. Mastering by Howie Weinberg (Metallica, Gorillaz, Public Enemy, Smashing Pumpkins, etc).

Nelo Releases "Roots (Live)" on May 19th, Mixed @ Studio 601

When Matt Regland contacted us with his vision for Nelo's latest record, we knew were in for a fun challenge. Matt and Reid had a clear vision for "Roots (Live)". Not only did the record need to sound great, but it also needed to make you feel like you were sitting in the crowd while they shared their music, anecdotes, and a few laughs. We really loved working on it and hope you'll give it a listen. A few tracks have been released so far and can be listened to on iTunes and Apple Music.



D-Soul Davis "Just Can't Do Right" @ 601

We've been working with the crazy talented songwriter and soulful vocalist, D-Soul Davis.  Today, for Valentine's Day naturally, he released his new single, "Just Can't Do Right," which is about the temptations of being a touring musician.  The track features Ange Kogutz and Tara Williamson on background vocals, as well as Kevin Flatt, Paul Deemer, and Bennett Wood on horns.  Check it out here!

You never know...

We're always learning here at 601...  It's fun to find out what we're capable of doing as projects come in.  For instance we did a podcast for a Dutch blog during SXSW live from the studio and we're actually working on click tracks for a live band karaoke project.  It keeps it interesting and exciting to know that we can't predict what will come through the door.  So even if you have a project that may not geared towards music creation, we still may be able to of service!  Visit the contact page, give us a try.

Artists In The Studio:
The Holy Child
Cowboy Diplomacy
Vanessa Reeves
7 Drums
Soul Track Mind
Rebecca Perl
Danny Smith

It's May and we're busy!

First off, thanks to all who came to our Studio 601 Launch Party, it was truly a blast.  A special thanks to CatHead Vodka for supplying us with some fantastic signature cocktails.  We just had Texas legends, Two Tons of Steel in the studio a few days ago and it was a blast!.  Here are some other artists coming this month...

Mid Century
Derrick Davis
Jeff Whitehead
Veronica Nunes
Russell Boyd

Hello World

We're so excited to finally be open!  In the spirit of such a joyous occasion, we are running a special!  All sessions booked between now and April 30th, whether the session takes place in two week or two months, will get our introductory day rate of only $300 for a full day of recording.  You heard right, so book now!